The small, popular and cuddly Pokémon known for its 8 evolutions, its hard to find a trainer who doesn’t love the enigmatic Eevee. 

What’s so rare about the Eevee? 

 Rarely found in the wild and native to most cities and towns, its “rarity” can be attributed to what’s known as its irregular genetic structure. Fundamentally unstable and easily influenced and manipulated by its environment, this genetic structure is the force behind why this small Pokémon has so many interesting evolutions. Expose an Eevee to a new environment, and behold its evolution! 

This environmental factor is easily seen in how an Eevee leveled near a Moss Rock becomes a Lefeon, and a Glaceon when exposed to an Ice Rock or Ice Stone. 

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, clever trainers have found that renaming your Eevee prior to evolution will influence which Pokémon it evolves into. These tricks will only work once per evolution type, and must be done BEFORE you evolve your Eevee. 


But which of the evolutions are the best? That’s up to you, but Vaporeon boasts the highest HP of all the evolutions

Now back to the basics - 

Eevee is a Normal type Pokémon, with a weakness to Fighting type Pokémon. 

From the video game series we can garner that male Eevees seem to be the norm, and Bulbapedia confirms this with the Eevee gender ratio being about 87.5% male and 12.5% female.

After the Sword and Shield and subsequent Pokémon Go expansions, determining an Eevee’s gender became simple - female Eevee have a unique heart shaped marking on the tip of their tail.


What’s in a name


According to Dr Lava’s Lost Pokémon, a Twitter account dedicated to Pokémon lore, in a leak of Pokémon’s generation one localisation data, Eevee wasn’t originally going to be called Eevee. 

What do Jolteon, Vaporeon, Sylveon and all the evolution names all have in common? They all end with “Eon”, which was apparently Eevee’s original name. It’s not known why the devs changed it to Eevee, which means “life”. 

 One of Dr Lava’s other accounts also tweeted the following, rumored early pre-release poster from the 90’s - see if you can spot Eon amongst some other strange early Pokémon names. One can still sort of imagine Jigglypuff being called “Pudding”, poor Machop being known as “Karate” (and is that...a Cubone simply called “Orphan”??) but Eon just doesn’t seem to do the cuteness of Eevee any justice. 



Eevee, Let’s Go! 

 Whether you’re a Jolteon fan or more of an Umbreon type, the diverse Eevee definitely has a spot on our favorite Pokémon list.