Why You Should Be Playing The Pokemon TGC Online!

Why You Should Be Playing The Pokémon TGC Online! 

Even a Pokemon trading card veteran can always use more practice, and whether you’re training to be the best there ever was or just getting started in the world of Pokemon, the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online platform developed by Dire Wolf Digital is the perfect fix for honing your battle skills from your couch or on the go. 

Online or IRL? 

A great deck in your hand means nothing if you’re stuck at home or work with no other trainers to battle with. With Pokemon TCG Online  you now not only have your physical deck (and even if you don’t own one yet) but access to pre-built decks and cards in the virtual sphere. 

Online practice helps you play real life battles with confidence, as repetition against online trainers will help you familiarize yourself with the unique combos of your deck, as well as learning all the rules in a flash.

Being exposed to a vast number of competitive decks and cards through online battles gives you the edge when deck building and developing strategies to overcome any type of play style. 

Often when buying physical cards or boosters your overall knowledge is limited to just what you have collected, and unless you regularly attend your local hobby store’s Pokémon League game days you might feel like you never get to see the bulk of cards and abilities that make up a competitive deck - thus, playing online gives you the opportunity to have a peek into the hands of other players! 

Collect Even More! 

As you grind on Pokemon TCG Online, you quickly accumulate currency from wins and daily logins, which can be spent on purchasing online booster packs and pre built decks. Unlike most “pay to play” online card games, collecting currency is easy if you’re a regular player and you don’t have to dive into your wallet to supplement your Pokecoins. 

Apart from currency as reward, its also easy to earn online booster packs to supplement your collection. 

Think the Rillaboom deck might just be your play style? Purchase it for 500 coins to give it a spin before you buy yourself a physical copy.  

One of the other great benefits of TGC online comes in the form of code cards you’ll find in your physical bought booster packs. 

These cards have a unique code you can enter online to receive a booster pack on the Pokemon TCG online platform. Twice the fun of opening a booster! 

This gives you the opportunity to test and try out cards you may not own in real life - drew a Dhelmise V in your last online booster? Pop it into your customized Rillaboom deck to give it a spin before you trade your mate one of your prized cards for it. 

The options to build your own customized decks and try out strategies are endless, and save you some cash by not buying cards you’re not sure about yet. 

Battle or Trade Anywhere, Any Time!

Pokemon TCG Online is available on IOS, Android, Windows and macOS, although the IOS and Android versions are currently exclusively for tablets.


The different play modes offer a variety of battle types - newer players can practice against computer controlled characters to win boosters using theme decks (or their own bought theme decks) in Trainer Challenge Mode. 

When you’re ready to take on the world, climb the ranking ladder for even bigger rewards in Versus mode, playing in categories like Theme Decks, Standard rotation and Expanded rotation. You’re also able to earn tournament tickets in Versus mode to use in Tournament mode, where 8 players battle it out in a single elimination style Tournament, with the rewards increasing depending on your finishing position. 

Half the fun of trading cards is of course, the trading part! Create private trades with your friends, or trade publicly to find just the card you need. 

Get Battling! 

Practice certainly does make perfect, and whether you play for fun or you’re a sucker for competition like Ash Ketchum, you can never go wrong with expanding your Pokemon knowledge and skills physically, or virtually! 

Download Pokemon TGC online here for Mac or Windows to start your journey.


Written by Annette Kemp